Do sessions with some couples feel like entering a combat zone?

Do you ever feel in over your head with a complicated couple?

The most capable therapist can feel disoriented with a high-trauma couple.

We created a roadmap to help you navigate your toughest sessions.

We wanted to work effectively with our couples with complex trauma.

We started with a list of questions.

How do you work with couples with unprocessed complex trauma?


Can you do couple therapy with these partners, or is it individual therapy with the partner present?


How do you help heal a relationship with active attachment wounds?


How do you identify partners' capacity and limitations?


How do you create structure in an unstructured system?

We ended up with a framework for working with high-trauma couples.

common barn owl ( Tyto albahead ) head close up

Sharpen your skills.

Improve your outcomes.

Become a trauma wise couple therapist.

Feel at ease

with your most challenging couples.

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